About Us

Enjoy premium PORRO Manuka Honey daily as part of a healthy, balanced diet!


  • Trusted Brand

PORRO is a premium brand of ultimate quality manuka honey from New Zealand.

We proudly guarantee that all PORRO Manuka Honey is 100% harvested, tested, certified, labelled and packed in New Zealand to meet the highest standard.

This is your assurance of quality, authenticity and safety through careful and close protection.


  • Pure Source

We ensure sourcing directly from our own beehives in the remote manuka bush of New Zealand, from which bees gather nectar and pollen. We guarantee we use the power of nature to maintain, support and restore the health of everyday Australian families.


  • Specialised Processing

We take intricate knowledge and capability to capture, optimise and protect the natural properties of Manuka honey. Our expertise ensures the result is a premium quality Manuka honey that retains all its natural qualities and delicious rich flavour.


  • Certified Content

Not each Manuka honey is marked with both UMF™ and MGO™ grading system. PORRO is the premium brand to have both UMF and MGO certifications clearly shown on all labelling and packaging. PORRO certified content on the label to ensure you are getting the real deal, and the right grade of Manuka honey for your needs.


  • Our Mission

To provide our customers with a choice of Australia’s very finest quality Manuka honey. We do this through a distinctive honey you can enjoy every day.

We aim to satisfy our customers by selling the best quality products produced the way mother nature meant. We are constantly innovating our range, adding new products with extra features. Engage with us to receive our newsletter or on social media for updates, recipes and new product launches.


PORRO bringing the best manuka honey to the world!

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