Why Us

We dedicate ourselves to the art of producing and packing New Zealand’s most beautiful and popular honeys for retail sale in both domestic and export markets. It is this dedication that has allowed Porro Honey to become one of the largest honey suppliers in New Zealand.

Our purpose-built, state-of-the-art jar production, honey extraction and packing facilities further improves the quality of our honey, increases capacity and decreases lead times. Our in-house laboratory allows us to test honey at every stage of production because world leading quality is our benchmark, in everything we do.

From consultation to formulation, conception to fulfilment, our emphasis on quality and attention to detail at every stage of the supply chain is second to none.

Our Factory

New Zealand has a world reputation for producing excellent honey. And right here on our door step, the Canterbury Plains, the best Clover Honey is produced. We source our beautiful honeys from all over New Zealand’s pristine and unpolluted lands, forests and mountains.

To the west, we are bounded by the spectacular grandeur of the world-famous Southern Alps and to the east by the Pacific Ocean. Snowfed rivers, which form the northern and southern boundaries, ensure an abundance of water, to support floral growth. Although based in the Canterbury Plains, we source New Zealand’s finest honeys honey from all over country. Our knowledge and experience with quality control, traceability systems, and export requirements guarantee that we operate at the highest standard achievable.











We Have Our Own Transport

Our supplier operates its own fleet of trucks to manage the loading and transporting of export containers to and from port, and cartage of our own products from Cape Reinga to Bluff.  We travel all around New Zealand to pick up honey. We cart bee products eligible for export with Official Assurances under from. Our modern fleet of trucks and professional drivers ensure the integrity and safety of all the products we transport are maintained. Our drivers can then access both rail and road and airfreight with a choice of two deep water ports with containers facilities located at Lyttelton – 100km to the north and Timaru – 77km to the south and Christchurch International Airport 80km to the north.

Our Mission

The consumer must be given the full picture, the whole truth and all the information required to make an informed choice. We need to be comfortable whether you choose PorroHoney or not, your choice has been an informed one.

We produce the best because you deserve the best.











Counterfeit Prevention

Purity and authenticity have been hard to monitor with the lack of an international standard. There were loopholes and advantages have been taken. Inconstant quality has gone some way towards giving the Manuka industry a less than perfect reputation.

With our own QR code tracking app, you can check with us if the product at your hand is authentic product from us. Make sure you have the right product.

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