The researchers found through experiments that honey from Manuka flowers has better and longer-lasting bacteriostatic effects than other honey, mainly for bacteria and fungi of gastrointestinal bacteria and wound infections. They named this unique ingredient UML (Unique Manuka Factor), and also set up an association called AMHA (Active Manuka Honey Association) to register UMF as a trademark, and set relevant industry standards, only production The honey contains UMF and reaches a certain level to mark the UMF®.

UMF5+ represents the same antibacterial ability as the 5% aqueous solution of phenol; UMF10+ represents the same antibacterial ability as the 10% aqueous solution of phenol; UMF15+ represents the same antibacterial ability as the 15% aqueous solution of phenol; and so on. In terms of efficacy, UMF5+ has a certain anti-inflammatory effect, which has a good effect on the general health care gastrointestinal tract, but UMF10+ or ​​15+, 20+ is obvious for gastrointestinal inflammation. Manuka honey below UMF10+ can inhibit the growth and development of bacteria for general health care; Manuka honey above UMF10+ can kill bacteria for different degrees of gastrointestinal diseases and immune system diseases. Honey of UMF10+ or ​​higher is usually packaged in light brown bottles to protect important natural ingredients in honey from glare.

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