Honey is different in color, fragrance, taste and composition. The honey produced in different countries has different colors and forms depending on the flower source. The International Codex Alimentarius International Standard for Tobacco has a high sucrose content standard for some different plant honey sources.

Vitex honey is light amber, aromatic, crystallized white, and is the finest honey.

The eucalyptus honey is pure, fragrant and sweet, and is the best honey.

Ziyun Ying honey color is light, slightly fragrant, less odor.

The nectar is the world’s most produced, with a strong aroma and sweetness, and a mild taste. Nectar tree alias artichoke, hedgehog, Nectar water white, transparent, not easy to crystallize, smell aromatic, fine honey.

Litchi honey is light in color, fragrant, easy to crystallize, and has a lychee scent.

Citrus nectar is light, slightly acidic and crystallized.

Jujube flower jujube nectar amber color, sweetness, not easy to crystallize, is the best honey.

Duck foot wood honey is also called deep mountain winter honey. It is made from bumblebee collecting golden Chinese medicinal tree duck foot wood nectar. After crystallization, it is milky white like lard, or light yellow. It has slightly bitter taste and has heat-clearing and detoxifying effect. Very good for constipation.

Hundreds of nectar are made from a variety of plants, and the taste is more complex than pure flowers. The taste and color vary greatly depending on the region and season, but the color is usually deep. With a little bit of sourness, it is very common but has the highest nutritional value.

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