Leatherwood Honey benefit

[trx_title type=”3″ style=”regular” align=”center” color=”#F8B742″ top=”inherit” bottom=”inherit” left=”inherit” right=”inherit”]The five Health Benefits of Leatherwood Honey[/trx_title]

Leatherwood Honey is good for your stomach.

Wild leatherwood honey boasts prebiotic properties that both suppress bad bacteria and assist in the growth of beneficial organisms in the body.

Treatment of infections and wounds.

Leatherwood honey has long been used for treating wounds, cuts, sores, ulcers, burns, infections and abrasions. The antimicrobial properties in wild honey act as an antibacterial, keeping the wound moist whilst adding a protective barrier and fighting off harmful microorganisms.

Source of antioxidants.

Leatherwood honey is a great source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are believed to be beneficial in the prevention of health-related issues such as cancer, heart disease, strokes, cataracts, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis and symptoms of old age.

Good source of energy and carbohydrates.

Wild honey is a natural source of simple carbohydrates that provide the body with energy that is easily absorbed.

Suitable for people with diabetes.

Honey has a low glycaemic index rating and may be suitable in the diet of diabetes suffers.

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