10 facts about PORRO Manuka honey

10 facts about PORRO Manuka honey

November 18, 2020

1, Good Stability

PORRO Manuka honey is very stable due to its concentration and ingredients. If the PORRO Manuka honey is stored under proper conditions, it will not be easily going off during a long period of time.


2, Pharmacology

PORRO Manuka honey has a relatively high UMF index for its medical uses. It not only regulates the gastrointestinal system, but also reduces fat accumulation in the cardiovascular system.


3, Sweetener

PORRO Manuka honey is sweet but not greasy. It is a product of nature, so it is the only sweetener that is not manufactured artificially.


4, Reduce the Risk of Bacterial Infection

PORRO Manuka honey contains many non-hydrogen peroxide antibacterial ingredients. It will ferment in the stomach like refined sugar and sucrose after consumption, so there is no risk of bacterial infection.


5, Easy to Absorb

PORRO Manuka honey contains a lot of simple sugars. It can be absorbed directly without further decomposition, so it will not cause digestive system problems like sucrose.


6, Lose Weight

PORRO Manuka honey does not contain sucrose and it is beneficial for burning body fat. Having a glass of PORRO Manuka honey every day can detoxify and nourish the skin and effectively lose weight.


7, Treat Burns

PORRO Manuka honey is the best substance for treating burns. PORRO Manuka honey can effectively relieve pain, make the affected area heal quickly, and will not leave scars.


8, Anti-Aging

Scientists have discovered a variety of antioxidants in New Zealand Manuka honey, one of which is only found in New Zealand Manuka honey, which has a good anti-aging effect.


9, Cure Cough

PORRO Manuka honey has the effects of anti-inflammatory, expectorant, nourishing lungs and relieving cough, so it is a safe and effective natural food for treating children's cough.


10, Relieve Fatigue

It is reported that what the energy required by brain neurons contains large portions in PORRO Manuka honey. The fructose and glucose in PORRO Manuka honey can be quickly absorbed by the body to improve the nutritional status of the blood. If you eat some PORRO Manuka honey before and after exercise, your physical recovery will be 3 times faster than others.