Manuka Honey Benefits

Unlike refined, processed sugar and other sweet alternatives (i.e. Stevia), Manuka honey is far more than empty calories. It is more than a taste; Manuka honey is a complex superfood that contains an abundance of nutritional and well-being benefits and has around four times the mineral content of other honey.


Minerals found in Manuka Honey  Vitamins found in Manuka Honey
Calcium B6
Copper Thiamine
Iron Niacin
Magnesium Riboflavin
Manganese Pantothenic acid
Phosphorous Amino acids



  • Manuka honey is a sweeter, more nutritional and lower calorie alternative to sugar with a more balanced energy release
  • Fast release Glucose for energy recovery

This natural sweetener is rich in phenolic acids and flavonoids, which make it a powerful source of natural antioxidants.