Quality & Process & Testing

We are devoted to your wellbeing as PORRO Manuka Honey to source the finest Manuka Honey, harvested from the wild forests of New Zealand.

We closely monitor the flowering, weather forecast, and the progress of the honey making in the hive all day. Grouped by harvest area, the honey is weighed, tagged and catalogued.  We minimize the processing in order to maximize the goodness and superior taste of the honey.  

Our honey comes from the most pristine wilderness in New Zealand and we believe that the micro-climate of this region contributes to the superior taste of our honey.

We ensure to control the purity of the honey is to place the hives into the right areas when the Manuka is starting to flower. 

Our comprehensive testing guarantees quality and purity. This combined with our superior certified contents and the highest quality New Zealand manufacturing guarantees quality products made without compromise.

We offer you our expertise in a bottle and source only the highest quality products and ingredients. The quality of our products will speak for themselves, PORRO will always put your health to be our priority.

We promise to provide you with the best products. PORRO is not just a brand, it is a way of healthy life!